Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis the season

I hemmed my mother in laws pants and made a crown out of the cuff... lol
love the santa hat

he can get food so high up on his forehead! lol

he is precious

getting ready for the holiday! Isn't he perfection?

I love this time of year. We usually kick it off with going to go see the forgotten carols. This year was Adam and mine 6 year seeing it together. He is too good to me! I fall in love with the forgotten carols every year and they are definately my favorite songs of the season! This is the first Christmas we get to share with Dexter. He is in awe at all the lights and decorations. We took him to see santa and he was great! Our little bug is growing up so fast. I am so excited to see him change but want him to stay my little poppy seed! He is SUCH a happy baby! We are so blessed. He loves the song "You are my sunshine" and if he is crying and you sing it... he will stop and smile. It's a well known fact that he doesn't like his carseat so he often let's us know on rides in the car. He LOVES it when adam WHISTLES the tune to "oh what a beautiful morning" from oklahoma. hahah he will fuss if he tries to whistles something else or even if he tries to sing that same song. He stops fussing literally within the first 3 notes of the whistling! He wants to touch everything as well as put everything in his mouth. He is rolling all over the place and loves fruits and sweet potatos!

I can not believe how much we love this little guy. He is so completely beautiful. I'd imagine he is a lot of what heaven would be like! If you don't get the chance to be around our son... please do! He is a perfect mood lifter and such a happy little spirit! I am excited to share this CHRISTmas with him!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 months already!

Well today our little Dexter is 5 months old! Wow it has come so fast! Adam and I were reflecting on this day 5 months ago. It was perfection. We were both at home so we didn't have to figure out how to both get to the hospital had we been apart. I pushed for 8 contractions (20 minutes) and our miracle joined our little family. He was/is perfect! He is changing everyday and we love seeing him grow, even though we miss him being our little newborn!
For halloween we dressed him as a tootsie roll! how fitting because he is so sweet!

I thought that seeing as how we celebrate his birth practically everyday that today I would list things that we know about Dexter that make him so perfect and happy and special! We also have to admit that we also love that we are the experts on our little guy!


-likes to hold hands. If he can't hold your hand... he will hold his own hand, hold your neck skin, your clothes, or even your hair

-loves to bounce. He prefers the music to be playing when he is bouncing

- has been able to support his own weight on his legs since he was about a month old

-would rather sleep in his crib

-doesn't like being in his carseat. He also wants the car to always be moving

-laughs if something hurts him... just like his daddy and grandma dora

-loves to watch his owl mobile

-loves to have grandpa price standing up and walking around with him

-likes it when nana whistles

-thinks zach is super funny

-started laughing on sept. 12

-put everything he can get his hands on (including his feet) into his mouth

-is a pretty dang sweaty sleeper- just like daddy

-is super close to rolling over

-wakes up happy all of the time

-likes to chew on our fingers and his
-gets a cold after he get his shots
-sometimes snores

-likes watching t.v.

-is learning to arch his back when he wants something different that what you are doing or giving him

-likes to run his fingers through his own hair

-is in the 75 percentile in weight and height

-is cuddly, likes to have a blanket in his face to fall asleep, and must be sleeping on his tummy

-is the cutest little boy ever!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

October has flown by!

Our big boy
my little family

hahah sitting in his bumbo... it looks like he is whistling!

he LOVES sleeping with bankets in his face... make momma nervous much?

his little pinky got hooked on the carseat... man he is darling

Wow times flies! Our little man is 4 1/2 months old! that is nuts! He got his four month well baby check up! weighing in at 15.11 lbs and 25.2 inches long! He is in the 75 percentile. We have tried spoon feeding him some rice cereal 3 times and he has gagged everytime! I probably need to be more consistent! A new success is- he is sleeping in his crib that is down the hall from our room! It was a big step but I think he is a happier baby when he gets his sleep, what baby isn't? I am reading a book called healthy sleep habits, happy baby. My cute friend Laura lent it to me and I am about half way through it. We started getting Dex on a sleeping schedule and most days he does really well! Laura has been such a life saver! I will add in a few recent pictures. We sure love our little guy. He has recently discovered his feet and pulls his socks off like it's his job!lol I marvel at this little peice of heaven that God has intrusted us with. We are so blessed!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


A little photoshop fun

smiley guts
we call these his big eyes

he's happy

he's been biting on his bottom lip... lol right out of a bath

Dex started laughing on September 12th! He smiles all the time and I just can't get enough of him! He also has started teething.. he chews on his hands all day as well as a few of our fingers lol! We love his dang guts!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Blessing Pictures finally!!!

my two favorite boys

momma and dex

big yawn

smushy kiss

my precious family

my two stud muffins

Here are some pictures of the day Adam blessed our sweet baby boy!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Birth announcement ! Finally!

We finally got Dexter's birth announcement done! Hooray and isn't he adorable?!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh how time flies when you're in love!

Zach and his big eyes!

we are all making silly faces! aka tongues out!

oh he is so happy!

he is so handsome

repeat! sorry

And BOY am I!!! I am so so so in love with my little family!

Dexter is getting so big (literally!) right before our eyes! He is babbling and smiling more and more. He always wakes up happy and grinning! He eats like it's going out of style but I love his little chub more than I can say!

Aug. 1st we blessed Dexter Robert Price. Adam did such an amazing job., I will post pictures soon but they are upstairs and I have to put them on a flash drive first. So here are some pictures to hold you over! They were taken today (Aug. 11) and we even got little zach-a-dude in a few of them!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

He's getting so big!!

Mr. Smiley pants
taking a bath and grabbing the sprayer lol

happy baby

hahaha right about to fall alseep

he loves sleeping in his boppy

We just had his 2 month appointment. He was 23 inches and 11.14 lbs. that 5 lbs heavier then when he was born. He is in the 60 percentile for his height and weight and his head size is in the 75th percentile. Lately he has been waking up happy and smiley. I can't stop taking his picture!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Snugglesaurus Dex

We are blessing our snuggle bug on August 1st! If you would love to be there let me know nd I can give you the address of the church! Here is a picture of our little man snuggled in his carseat!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm pooped

He barfed on my leg but loves a good snuggle
Zach is a good big cousin and likes to hold Dex for about 5 seconds but is so gentle!

Snuggled into momma's and daddy's bed

I just can't get enough of my amazing little man

well more like Dexter poops! He has been having a few blow outs the last few days! lol I didn't know such a little person could make such a big mess!

He is a good baby and I love his guts. I am pretty sure he found his cry recently! He doesn't fuss a ton but when he wants to eat we know about it! He is more alert and just barely starting to talk/babble a very little bit! I can't wait until he is cooing and smiling!

On another happy note, Adam is such a good daddy! He always changes diapers and makes bottles! I couldn't ask for a better partner in bringing up our son! I knew Adam would do an amazing job! I was just thinking that I have been with Adam for 5 years now, dating 3 married 2 and the time has just flown by! I suppose time flies when you find perfection!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Obsessed much?

right after a bath

sleeping in his beloved boppy

zonked after a day at the mall

happy and snuggly

raised eyebrows :)

I am totally obsessed with Dexter. He is so darling. We have recently switched him to soy sensitive formula which I think might be causing his diaper blow outs! lol The other day he barfed right down my shirt. He is a month old and the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

One month

One month ago our lives changed forever! I can't believe Dexter is already a month old! He is growing like a weed. Last night was the first night I was able to have him sleep in his bassenett(sp?) without it being right next to my bed. It is only maybe 5 feet away but I feel like it was a big step. He is just a darling little baby and everyone is in love with him. He laughs in his sleep sometimes and I just love it! I even captured one of his many smiles on camera! Now if I could find something that makes him smile on purpose!

The school year ended July 2nd and it means I am officially a stay at home mom. That is nuts! I have word since I was 16. I am going to enjoy seeing all of Dex's new tricks! I am so blessed to have a perect little family.

We will more than likely be blessing him on the first sunday in August. I will let everyone know for sure when I know for sure!

To tie you over here are some pictures of our amazing son!