Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 months already!

Well today our little Dexter is 5 months old! Wow it has come so fast! Adam and I were reflecting on this day 5 months ago. It was perfection. We were both at home so we didn't have to figure out how to both get to the hospital had we been apart. I pushed for 8 contractions (20 minutes) and our miracle joined our little family. He was/is perfect! He is changing everyday and we love seeing him grow, even though we miss him being our little newborn!
For halloween we dressed him as a tootsie roll! how fitting because he is so sweet!

I thought that seeing as how we celebrate his birth practically everyday that today I would list things that we know about Dexter that make him so perfect and happy and special! We also have to admit that we also love that we are the experts on our little guy!


-likes to hold hands. If he can't hold your hand... he will hold his own hand, hold your neck skin, your clothes, or even your hair

-loves to bounce. He prefers the music to be playing when he is bouncing

- has been able to support his own weight on his legs since he was about a month old

-would rather sleep in his crib

-doesn't like being in his carseat. He also wants the car to always be moving

-laughs if something hurts him... just like his daddy and grandma dora

-loves to watch his owl mobile

-loves to have grandpa price standing up and walking around with him

-likes it when nana whistles

-thinks zach is super funny

-started laughing on sept. 12

-put everything he can get his hands on (including his feet) into his mouth

-is a pretty dang sweaty sleeper- just like daddy

-is super close to rolling over

-wakes up happy all of the time

-likes to chew on our fingers and his
-gets a cold after he get his shots
-sometimes snores

-likes watching t.v.

-is learning to arch his back when he wants something different that what you are doing or giving him

-likes to run his fingers through his own hair

-is in the 75 percentile in weight and height

-is cuddly, likes to have a blanket in his face to fall asleep, and must be sleeping on his tummy

-is the cutest little boy ever!