Sunday, October 24, 2010

October has flown by!

Our big boy
my little family

hahah sitting in his bumbo... it looks like he is whistling!

he LOVES sleeping with bankets in his face... make momma nervous much?

his little pinky got hooked on the carseat... man he is darling

Wow times flies! Our little man is 4 1/2 months old! that is nuts! He got his four month well baby check up! weighing in at 15.11 lbs and 25.2 inches long! He is in the 75 percentile. We have tried spoon feeding him some rice cereal 3 times and he has gagged everytime! I probably need to be more consistent! A new success is- he is sleeping in his crib that is down the hall from our room! It was a big step but I think he is a happier baby when he gets his sleep, what baby isn't? I am reading a book called healthy sleep habits, happy baby. My cute friend Laura lent it to me and I am about half way through it. We started getting Dex on a sleeping schedule and most days he does really well! Laura has been such a life saver! I will add in a few recent pictures. We sure love our little guy. He has recently discovered his feet and pulls his socks off like it's his job!lol I marvel at this little peice of heaven that God has intrusted us with. We are so blessed!