Friday, March 4, 2011

9 is a magic number!

Our little man is 9 months! He's been out in the world the same amount of time it took to grow him! He is changing so much and is getting so big! I took him to his well baby check up. He is 19.9 lbs which is in the 50 percentile and then something like 27 1/2 inches long which puts him in the 90th percentile for height. The dr. said we should get a toddler car seat!! He has ONE bottom tooth and is chewing the finish off the inside of his crib! lol our little beaver! he does a low down crawl. Not just the army crawl but much more than a scoot. He has learned to pull himself up on ANYTHING and does! We have had a lot of bumped foreheads lately. If he pulls himself up and can't back down he whines a little until momma or daddy comes to the rescue. He brings us SUCH joy! He is happy, even when he is cranky because his little teeth are bugging him. He loves watching cartoons and goes on adventures around the kitchen island our down the hall to our room! Look out world Dex is on the loose!