Saturday, August 14, 2010

Birth announcement ! Finally!

We finally got Dexter's birth announcement done! Hooray and isn't he adorable?!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh how time flies when you're in love!

Zach and his big eyes!

we are all making silly faces! aka tongues out!

oh he is so happy!

he is so handsome

repeat! sorry

And BOY am I!!! I am so so so in love with my little family!

Dexter is getting so big (literally!) right before our eyes! He is babbling and smiling more and more. He always wakes up happy and grinning! He eats like it's going out of style but I love his little chub more than I can say!

Aug. 1st we blessed Dexter Robert Price. Adam did such an amazing job., I will post pictures soon but they are upstairs and I have to put them on a flash drive first. So here are some pictures to hold you over! They were taken today (Aug. 11) and we even got little zach-a-dude in a few of them!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

He's getting so big!!

Mr. Smiley pants
taking a bath and grabbing the sprayer lol

happy baby

hahaha right about to fall alseep

he loves sleeping in his boppy

We just had his 2 month appointment. He was 23 inches and 11.14 lbs. that 5 lbs heavier then when he was born. He is in the 60 percentile for his height and weight and his head size is in the 75th percentile. Lately he has been waking up happy and smiley. I can't stop taking his picture!