Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3D mini me!

So a couple weeks back we decided to go to fetal photos in the mall, and get some 3D pictures taken of Dex. It was way cool to get a better idea of what the little stud looks like. After seeing the pictures, the scary thing is he seems to look just like his dad!! (this is Adam writing this, by the way)

Actually, from what we can see it looks like he kinda has Mom's cheeks and dad's nose and mouth. It will just be really really exciting to see what he really ends up looking like when he gets here.

In other news we made out like bandits from the baby shower, and ended up with a ton of awesome stuff. Thank you to anyone who contributed in any way to that shower! We are extremely grateful and appreciative for all the great support we got! :)
As of right now, we're just getting more and more excited for the little guy to get here! We've only got about 10 weeks left! Man how time flies.

We had an appointment with the doctor today (04/14/10) which was just a quick visit but it went really well. They said the heartbeat still sounds perfect, and Beth did really great and didn't gain any extra weight this visit! She's been working really hard at staying on top of what she eats, and trying to exercize a bit just to keep her cute figure ;) Overall they said everything is looking perfect, so we will just keep doing what we're doing!