Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis the season

I hemmed my mother in laws pants and made a crown out of the cuff... lol
love the santa hat

he can get food so high up on his forehead! lol

he is precious

getting ready for the holiday! Isn't he perfection?

I love this time of year. We usually kick it off with going to go see the forgotten carols. This year was Adam and mine 6 year seeing it together. He is too good to me! I fall in love with the forgotten carols every year and they are definately my favorite songs of the season! This is the first Christmas we get to share with Dexter. He is in awe at all the lights and decorations. We took him to see santa and he was great! Our little bug is growing up so fast. I am so excited to see him change but want him to stay my little poppy seed! He is SUCH a happy baby! We are so blessed. He loves the song "You are my sunshine" and if he is crying and you sing it... he will stop and smile. It's a well known fact that he doesn't like his carseat so he often let's us know on rides in the car. He LOVES it when adam WHISTLES the tune to "oh what a beautiful morning" from oklahoma. hahah he will fuss if he tries to whistles something else or even if he tries to sing that same song. He stops fussing literally within the first 3 notes of the whistling! He wants to touch everything as well as put everything in his mouth. He is rolling all over the place and loves fruits and sweet potatos!

I can not believe how much we love this little guy. He is so completely beautiful. I'd imagine he is a lot of what heaven would be like! If you don't get the chance to be around our son... please do! He is a perfect mood lifter and such a happy little spirit! I am excited to share this CHRISTmas with him!