Sunday, July 25, 2010

Snugglesaurus Dex

We are blessing our snuggle bug on August 1st! If you would love to be there let me know nd I can give you the address of the church! Here is a picture of our little man snuggled in his carseat!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm pooped

He barfed on my leg but loves a good snuggle
Zach is a good big cousin and likes to hold Dex for about 5 seconds but is so gentle!

Snuggled into momma's and daddy's bed

I just can't get enough of my amazing little man

well more like Dexter poops! He has been having a few blow outs the last few days! lol I didn't know such a little person could make such a big mess!

He is a good baby and I love his guts. I am pretty sure he found his cry recently! He doesn't fuss a ton but when he wants to eat we know about it! He is more alert and just barely starting to talk/babble a very little bit! I can't wait until he is cooing and smiling!

On another happy note, Adam is such a good daddy! He always changes diapers and makes bottles! I couldn't ask for a better partner in bringing up our son! I knew Adam would do an amazing job! I was just thinking that I have been with Adam for 5 years now, dating 3 married 2 and the time has just flown by! I suppose time flies when you find perfection!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Obsessed much?

right after a bath

sleeping in his beloved boppy

zonked after a day at the mall

happy and snuggly

raised eyebrows :)

I am totally obsessed with Dexter. He is so darling. We have recently switched him to soy sensitive formula which I think might be causing his diaper blow outs! lol The other day he barfed right down my shirt. He is a month old and the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

One month

One month ago our lives changed forever! I can't believe Dexter is already a month old! He is growing like a weed. Last night was the first night I was able to have him sleep in his bassenett(sp?) without it being right next to my bed. It is only maybe 5 feet away but I feel like it was a big step. He is just a darling little baby and everyone is in love with him. He laughs in his sleep sometimes and I just love it! I even captured one of his many smiles on camera! Now if I could find something that makes him smile on purpose!

The school year ended July 2nd and it means I am officially a stay at home mom. That is nuts! I have word since I was 16. I am going to enjoy seeing all of Dex's new tricks! I am so blessed to have a perect little family.

We will more than likely be blessing him on the first sunday in August. I will let everyone know for sure when I know for sure!

To tie you over here are some pictures of our amazing son!