Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finished the 2nd trimester

Ok so sometimes I write and sometimes Adam writes... today I have some time so I thought I would update! I just finished the 2nd trimester yesterday. Little Dex is moving around like crazy which puts my mind at ease. I am 27 weeks 1 day currently. My next appointment is the 31st which is when I do my glucose test... yummo. After that my appointments will be every two weeks! I have a pregnancy tracker online that counts the days for me and tomorrow there is only 89 days until my due date! I just can't wait to have him here safe in our arms.

I am trying to remain less stressed and taking it easy. I am a complete worry wart and anything that is possible to stress about I do! I also already had anxiety but man, is it like 10 times worse now. I try to stay calm but sometimes tears get the better of me.

In addition I am posting some of my 20 week utlra sound pictures! He has his daddy's nose and snuggles like his daddy too!

Something I had a chance to participate in was a charity fundraiser. A little super hero named Spencer was diagnosed in Feb. with stage 4 cancer. It is inoperable and is in the space where his spine connects to his skull. I have never met Spencer but learned of him through a good friend and teammate Amie. She is in the primary presidency in his ward. My heart quickly melted for this little guy (7 years old) who has such a tough fight to fight. I signed up to do the cotton candy booth with Adam at the fundraiser. I took tickets and Adam did all the hard work of twisting and turning to make the cotton candy look edible and stay on the stick. We had the best time just sitting and helping out. The support for Spencer was amazing. I KNEWman kind was good! The fundraising is to help with the medical costs for his planned chemo and medical exspenses. The funraiser made enough money to cover the 54 weeks of treatment!! maybe even a little extra! I don't know that I have ever been so happy for a family I don't really even know. I think his mom put it best " the love in the air was tangible", we were outside and love filled the entire space! I feel so blessed that I got to be a part of it. I have read a few of the blogs about Spencer and he is such a faithful little spirit. I stand amazed!

I am increasingly grateful for my family and friends and I love everyone so much!Thank you for everything!